BNP Paribas introduces the Double Clap prize for the fourth annual Rencontres 7ème Art Lausanne festival

April 29, 2021

Showcasing cinematic talent among students at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne): this is the aim of the Double Clap prize, inaugurated in 2021 for the fourth annual Rencontres 7ème Art Lausanne cinema festival.

Reconnecting with cinema

This year, we wanted to reaffirm our values of transmission and innovation by creating the Double Clap award

Monique Vialatou
CEO of BNP Paribas in Switzerland

It took quite an effort to make this year’s festival a reality after last year’s event was cancelled due to the health crisis. Now, one year on, it is time to reconnect with the silver screen. This is likely why this year’s theme is “Vive le Cinéma !”

And this was all the more reason for BNP Paribas in Switzerland to launch the Double Clap award, given to a student at ECAL, a school of art and design in Lausanne.

In 2021, audiences will be invited back to the world of cinema through a reimagined festival, combining small group events and digital presentations, all while complying with the relevant health guidelines. There is also an opportunity, for those who wish to do so, to meet Bertrand Blier (this year’s guest of honour) Doria Tillier, Jean Dujardin and many others.

The Double Clap prize

The BNP Paribas Group has supported cinema for over a century. We promote our values of transmission and innovation through the festival, but we wanted to go further, so we created the Double Clap prize.

All of the students competing for the award attend ECAL and they each have to create a 20-minute short film. In addition to the visibility provided by Rencontres 7ème Art Lausanne, the winner will receive a cash prize of CHF 10,000, which we hope will serve as a springboard for future success.

Les Héritières

For the first annual Double Clap award, nine short films were shortlisted. The winner is Avril Lenmann, an ECAL student in the final year of her undergraduate degree, for her short film entitled Les Héritières.

Here is the synopsis:

Diana (24) and Luna (27) have just lost their father. A hunting enthusiast, he left them his only asset: an old family home. The two heirs have to decide what to do with the house. But the nostalgic Diana does not have the same vision as Luna, who wants to sell it to fund her future. To settle their dispute in a manner their father would have appreciated, they enter into a bet during a hunting trip. After that, the sisters settle old scores on a trip where anything goes.