Your first professional experience at BNP Paribas

Are you a recent graduate looking to gain professional experience? BNP Paribas in Switzerland can offer you the opportunity to explore the diversity of banking activities through a wide range of personalised internships.

Students and recent graduates actively participate in ambitious projects in a constantly evolving environment, with a leading player in its field. Managers have demanding expectations and provide new graduates with specific feedback about their internships to help them develop their skills and performance.

Training the talents of tomorrow

Completing your internship at BNP Paribas in Switzerland means receiving support as you train for a specific profession. The hands-on experience we provide enables you to be quickly operational, and gives you greater insight into a particular business line. You will thus have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for launching your career.

Our interns and graduates talk about their experience!


Agribusiness Intern –  Specialized Trade Solutions

Why choosing BNP Paribas in Switzerland for your internship?

After a Bachelor’s degree in management at HEC Lausanne, I completed my Master in Banking & Finance at Zurich University.

This led me to do an internship within the Specialized Trade Solutions (STS) department, which is financing activities related to commodities trade. I am part of the Agribusiness product platform that essentially deals with clients trading coffee, cocoa, cotton and sugar.

This business is truly fascinating as it’s very diverse. The funding for this type of business requires analysing the customer’s economic situation and the geopolitical situation in the countries involved, but also thorough knowledge of the documentation and insurances related to transporting this type of merchandise.

If you had to define BNP Paribas in 3 words…

International, instructive and Organization!
BNP Paribas in Switzerland is an international institution that has strong historical ties with funding commodities and consequently, makes it possible to gain significant knowledge in trade finance.


Graduate Advisory Desk – Wealth Management

The Graduate Program, what for ?

For a long time now, I have been drawn to finance and sport. After having passed my “Maturité” in Geneva, studied at the University of St. Gallen and gained a first experience in marketing, I wanted to strengthen my knowledge in finance. Therefore, I got my Master degree in Banking and Finance.

I am currently on my second rotation of the Graduate Program on the trading floor, as part of the Advisory Desk. Being at the heart of the banking business and of the financial markets is a real opportunity for me and it has enabled me to become more confident in my career choice.During my internship at BNP Paribas I was on the trading floor, as part of the Advisory Desk. Being at the heart of the banking business and of the financial markets has been a real opportunity for me and it has enabled me to become more confident in my career choice.

Why choosing BNP Paribas to start your career?

Great bank, great experiences!
BNP Paribas being one of the biggest European banks and having a strong international presence, I was naturally drawn to applying to this institution.

Yordana SAVOVA

Wealth Management Intern – Legal Department

How did you come to do an internship at the legal department?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in law from Geneva University and I was doing a bilingual Master’s degree at the Universities of Geneva and Basel that I intended to finish with a single-term exchange at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

I wanted to learn and discover more about a profession and branch of law that I haven’t been able to tackle during my studies. Therefore, I applied for a six months internship within the legal department.

If you had to define BNP Paribas in Switzerland in 3 words ?

Dynamism, Innovation and Caring
BNP Paribas is a dynamic bank as much within its collaborative culture than through its diversified activities and team working. It also strongly highlights innovative projects in order to optimize the employees and client’s day to day. Furthermore, I think that the Group policy is pretty well focused on well being at work and its employees professional development.