BNP Paribas in Switzerland continues to support cinema

February 13, 2019

The bank, official partner and founder, is supporting the second edition of this annual international event set up by Vincent Perez, “Think Cinema Lausanne”.

 A century of history between BNP Paribas and the film industry

2017 marked a century of shared history between BNP Paribas and the movie industry. These 100 years have enabled BNP Paribas to build a close relationship and cultivate a set of joint values with cinema art, becoming over time the number one bank in Europe for cinema, with involvement at all stages of the film industry value chain. The cinema has therefore quite naturally become one of the main areas for developing Customer Affinity with the BNP Paribas Brand.

BNP Paribas is a major player in the financing of audio-visual productions.

The bank provides financing and support for filmmaking through a dedicated Image & Media unit staffed by experts who work exclusively on cinematographic and audio-visual projects. Every year, BNP Paribas is involved, directly or indirectly, in financing half of all films produced in France.

BNP Paribas is the exclusive partner to national cinema promotion initiatives.

Since 2007, the Bank has been engaged in an exclusive partnership with the French National Cinema Federation to enable as many people as possible every year to go out and enjoy the cinema.

BNP Paribas helps to preserve cinema heritage.

BNP Paribas has helped to restore a number of classic film reels, including Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Les Demoiselles de Rochefort by Jacques Demy. The Group also supports iconic movie-theatres such as Le Trianon at Romainville/Noisy-Le-Sec, which has been receiving assistance since 2010. The Group provides support to over 40 film festivals in Europe. These include: in France, the Lumière Festival in Lyon, Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, and the Télérama Festival; in Belgium, the BNP Paribas Fortis Film Days, which are held every year across some 450 movie-houses; and in Italy, where BNL is the main partner to the Rome International Film Festival. In 2012 BNP Paribas launched Séance Radio, a web-radio channel @seanceradio, which brings movie fans news reports and stories devoted exclusively to the world of film. In 2014, BNP Paribas launched the Séance Ciné app which provides an easy way for groups of friends to organise trips to the cinema.

BNP Paribas supports innovation.

In a changing world, where new habits and ways of doing things are constantly emerging, BNP Paribas is more determined than ever to support change and development in the cinema world. Accordingly, the Group offers its various publics the opportunity to try out new ways of enjoying movies, including in Virtual Reality mode through collaboration with the MK2 VR space and the VR Arles Festival.

“The cinema has naturally become an allied territory for the BNP Paribas brand and today, the Group is active across the entire value chain of the 7th art, from creation to distribution. With BNP Paribas you’ll always be inspired by cinema. We’re therefore delighted to support “Think Cinema Lausanne”. This second edition of a major event – between heritage and potential – shares values that are dear to us: transmission and innovation. We encourage all generations to participate in this reflection relating to the 7th art”, explains Monique Vialatou, CEO of BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA.


Think Cinema Lausanne, an annual international event set up by Vincent Perez

 Over 8,000 spectators attended the first edition, meeting 13 world renowned guests and attending screenings of over fifty films. Think Cinema Lausanne is back for its second edition from March 7 to 10, 2019. Think Cinema Lausanne is an event for film enthusiasts, students and professionals to rediscover films past and present, and reflect on cinema’s future. This year we are going “Beyond Limits”, with internationally renowned guests, a selection of some thirty groundbreaking films, talks, conferences, Q&As, and a Think Cinema zone in the heart of Lausanne. Think Cinema Lausanne will show a selection of films that have transcended social or technical conventions, challenged boundaries, or whose makers went beyond the limits of sanity or reason in the making of their masterpieces.  width= Think Cinema Lausanne has had the support of the City of Lausanne and the Swiss Film Archive since its first edition. The 2nd edition is placed under the patronage of Alain Berset, Federal Councilor Head of the Federal Department of the Interior.