Exchange Traded Solutions

A wide range of listed securitized derivatives

Exchange Traded Solutions (ETS) offers a wide range of listed securitized derivatives adapted to the vast majority of potential market expectations and a wide range for self-directed investor profiles.

With more than 1’000 standardized and tailor-made products launched per year, our Exchange Traded Solutions team offers a wide range of products.

You are looking for an alternative to Cash Equity ?

Tracker Certificates are a good solution. They have an adequate risk/return profile and are easily tradable. Additionally, ETS can issue tailor-made products that fit your strategy.

You are looking for an alternative to Futures for leveraged investments?

Mini-Futures Certificates enable investing in a wide range of underlyings with no predefined maturity and a risk of total loss limited to the initial investment. They offer also solutions to boost your portfolio performance in the short or medium term. Furthermore, they can be used to hedge existing positions/portfolios against market or currency risks at limited costs.

Furthermore, we ensure a reliable and a competitive market-making to guarantee liquidity in our products.

The product range is supported by a broad service offering such as a dedicated website, the investor’s magazine “Märkte & Zertifikate” and a daily newsletter for traders.

The Swiss ETS team works hand in hand with the Paris-based Structured Products Sales (SPS) team covering Swiss private banks and independent asset managers.

As an issuer committed to the development of the Swiss structured products market, BNP Paribas is an active member of the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) since January 2015.