Sustainable Development Goals n°12: ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

January 1, 2019

Each year one third of all food produced ends up rotting in the bins of consumers and retailers, or spoiling due to poor transportation and harvesting practices.”

Responsible consumption means taking the environment into account when designing products and recycling them.

We have integrated to our CSR strategy the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The BNP Paribas Group aims to help building a more sustainable world through actions with positive impact.

BNP Paribas is playing its part, and in particular, the Group participated since 2014 to the financing of green bond issues amounting to more than €1.8 billion in the sector of waste management and recycling sector. Here in Switzerland, BNP Paribas issued in 2017 a green bond on behalf of Helvetia Environment, the Swiss leader in waste management. It was the first transaction of its kind conducted by a private company in Switzerland. Discover this success story in video!