BNP Paribas supports Cybathlon 2020

February 18, 2020

BNP Paribas in Switzerland is proud to be supporting CYBATHLON in its campaign to drive forward research and development of assistive technologies to help people with physical disabilities and to further promote inclusion.

As an official partner of CYBATHLON 2020, BNP Paribas in Switzerland shares the values of the organisation and recognises its involvement in fostering innovation and commitment for social equality.

“As a bank, we and our staff are actively committed to mustering any resources that might have a positive impact and we are honoured to support CYBATHLON in its efforts to drive forward assistive technology for everyday activities and to promote inclusion“

Monique Vialatou
CEO BNP Paribas in Switzerland

The CYBATHLON is a unique competition in which people with physical disabilities from around the world (“pilots”) compete in six disciplines to accomplish everyday tasks and overcome difficulties using technical assistance systems developed by teams of engineers. Technology developers and people with disabilities collaborate closely as they develop their devices. The competition was devised in 2013 and has been organised every four years by ETH Zurich since 2016.

The second CYBATHLON will be held over two days (2–3 May) in the SWISS Arena Kloten, near Zurich. The first day will be set aside for the qualifiers and the finals will take place on the second day. Visitors will also have the opportunity to test their own skills in the six disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties that come with having a disability. Both days will be full of excitement and stellar performances, and the teams will be inspired by the wholehearted enthusiasm of a sympathetic audience.