Women’s week at BNP Paribas in Switzerland

March 8, 2017

This year, around the special occasion that is Women’s day, BNP Paribas, Mixcity and the CSR teams, with the support of the General Management and especially its CEO Geoffroy Bazin, orchestrated not just one day but a whole week of events.

Women’s week (March 6 to 10, 2017)!

Women’s assets – by MixCity

This week, a variety of events are organised. It started off with a conference by Yann Borgstedt. He created the Womanity Foundation, which actively contributes to building “a world where women and men each have full economic, social and political participation “. Today, there will be a private showing of the film Desert Flower at the Bank. It narrates the life of model and UN ambassador, Waris Dirie.

This week is also built around the theme “Be bold for change” giving employees the opportunity to exchange on diversity, especially diversity in companies via Jump, an internal digital idea box and forum. They are also invited to exchange organically using The Never Eat Alone application, to discover new colleagues.

The spirit of our association MixCity is to mobilise the talents who happen to be women, to give them more confidence and an even stronger desire to take part in the major evolutions of our Business Lines and Functions. Our meetings are an opportunity to value and encourage the expression of the so called feminine values like sharing, transversality, respect and innovation, in a positive spirit and without ever taking ourselves too seriously!

MixCity Switzerland (an association created within BNP Paribas in Switzerland) regroups more than 70 women who, outside of their daily duties, regularly meet at conferences or networking events. These are opportunities for them to share their dynamism and their will to take part in the major changes that the bank and the sector have undergone in recent years. It is also a forum where they can exchange ideas, help each other and discuss common themes.