BNP Paribas in Switzerland is committed to promoting women at every level

March 11, 2019
  • Equal opportunities at every level of the company
  • Non-discrimination principles applied
  • Over 30% of the employees with an Executive Officer status are women
  • Promoting and encouraging values of sharing and innovation.

Diversity and inclusion as our core values

BNP Paribas promotes equal opportunities at every level of the company

As a part of its proactive accountability policy, BNP Paribas promotes equal opportunities at every level of the company. Diversity, inclusion and gender equality are core values that are expressed through tangible initiatives, such as a global commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles and a partnership with the HeForShe campaign.

MixCity: a network promoting women at BNP Paribas

MixCity is a BNP Paribas Group-wide initiative that has been rolled out in Switzerland. This association now includes over 70 women entrusted with the mission of promoting and encouraging the feminine values of sharingcross-functionality, respect and innovation.

Non-discrimination principles applied at every career stage

Trusted criteria and objectives in order to ensure equal treatment

As a responsible employer, the bank draws on trusted criteria and objectives in order to ensure equal treatment, including having at least one woman in final candidate lists and a transparent, justified choice for every decision made, as well as a fixed salary scale for each type of position within the company.

In everyday operations, a healthy work-life balance has been supported through the introduction of remote-working and flexible hours for all employees. The bank upholds a zero-tolerance policy to any attempts to violate personal integrity, as well as an anonymous alert system which was established several years ago.

Employees are also supported as they take on greater responsibility. In Switzerland, over 30% of the employees with an Executive Officer status are women, like CEO Monique Vialatou, who was appointed to her role in the summer of 2018.

MixCity is an association that supports women in their personal and professional development.”

Béatrice Joliot

Meet Béatrice Joliot

Senior Legal Counsel and Director of the MixCity Executive Committee in Switzerland

Beatrice explains the role of a women’s network in a bank, and how it can help to address issues related to equality.

In brief, what is MixCity and how is the network useful in a company like BNP Paribas in Switzerland?

MixCity is an association that supports women in their personal and professional development at BNP Paribas. The network is active on a global scale, and 14 networks have been established since 2009. Switzerland’s association emerged in 2015.

It promotes networking between women, as well as gender equality and the sharing of experiences.

Which themes do you plan to address in 2019?

Although a wide range of topics will be broached throughout the year, two particular themes will be central to our work for 2019: examples of career paths presented by women who are leaders in their field, and “self-marketing”. The latter can help women to assert their value, build up their image and gain recognition for their skills. These workshops and presentations generally take place at informal, women-only lunches in order to create an environment that fosters listening and trust.

Why did you decide to open the network up to men? How can they help to promote equality?

The importance of involving men in the fight for gender equality is becoming increasingly clear, simply because everyone is affected. Discussing these issues with male colleagues gives them a better understanding and allows them to provide better support, in order to work towards more progress and fulfilment at the bank. We need them just as they need us.

Which figure inspires you on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, I’m not sure. However, I am very grateful for the work of the Suffragette movement led by Emmeline Pankhurst, which secured the vote for women.