The Foundation’s art collection takes the stage in Morgines

July 3, 2024

BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation takes pride in owning and curating an extensive art collection, showcasing diverse artists and styles, ranging from established 20th century Swiss art to young Swiss artists. 

Various art pieces are displayed across our locations, which allows our staff to enjoy them and evolve in an inspiring working environment. 

In the context of the move to Morgines, a selection of high-quality art pieces from the collection have been displayed in the new premises, in particular highlighting the Swiss art scene. Our staff that recently moved to Morgines can now enjoy these newly exposed art works from the collection. 

Further art pieces will be exposed across all locations to maximize the visibility of these paintings and of the associated artists. The visibility of the art works from the collection by all staff members that will move to Alto premises is an integral part of the installation project. 

The orbit of human vision has widened and art has annexed fresh territories that were formerly denied to it.

Max Bill