Projects with positive impact under the spotlights during the Engagement Week

November 22, 2018

During its Engagement Week, BNP Paribas in Switzerland wished to bring to light local initiatives contributing to the bank’s positive impact. With a strong Company Engagement policy at the Group level, BNP Paribas in Switzerland develops local initiatives to answer global issues. In order to present these projects and to heighten awareness to the public and our employees to these stakes, the bank in Switzerland organizes for the first time an Engagement Week. This week tackles topics such as inclusion, conservation of the environment, and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; but it questions overall on the way a bank, and companies in general, can be agent of change.

The bank commits in favor of the economy, of the social and civic accompaniment and of the environment

At BNP Paribas in Switzerland, the Engagement is present in every business activity to be in line with the four pillars of our CSR policy: economic, social, civic and environmental responsibility. In order to raise awareness on these projects and their impact on our everyday life, the Engagement Week sets the Impact Roadshow, a forum which presents all the local initiatives with positive impact.

The Impact Roadshow highlights our employees’ and the bank’s initiatives

Two booths will be directly related to the bank’s business lines. The first one presents Wealth Management’s initiatives which aims to include the « impact » notion in the client’s journey. The second one is related to Corporate and Institutional Banking. It presents how businesses related to commodities finance can include sustainable development in their offer. The other booths give a global vision of transversal topics within the bank. The Human Resources department is here to remind us the equality and diversity policies; the team in charge of the Flex Office presents the project which aims to give a better life balance and enhance collaborative work; there is also Alaya, a solidarity platform of the bank which goal is to encourage employees to get involved in associational activities. In addition, the environment has a dedicated booth. It presents how we are going to reduce our building’s carbon footprint, our partnership with Solar Impulse Foundation in favour of energy innovation and also the collaboration between Arval and the CFF to valorise sustainable mobility.