Meeting with Slaven Maligec

May 20, 2020

For the past few weeks, our teams have been dedicated to support more than ever our Clients. We thank them all for their dedication and professionalism whether they were working from home or from our offices in Zurich, Lugano or Geneva.

 We have met Slaven Maligec, Head of CHF Debt Syndicate and located in Zürich, and talked about the health crisis, new ways of serving our Clients and about the necessity to adapt during these particular times.

Slaven, could you tell us more about what you do and where have you been working from during the lockdown?

I am Head of CHF Debt Syndicate. I am not working from home and I remain on site as my work installation requires a lot of hardware and computers!
However, we have adapted our organisation: split team in the office, split team at home during home schooling and recent holidays.

What was your state of mind during these past few weeks?

My philosophy regarding this lockdown can be summarized as follows : “Take it like a man”…may be rather: It is what it is, make the best of it as it is just a waste of time to be moaning all day long !

 My state of mind is positive, as I am myself. It is definitively a new experience, rather scared given relatives and friends been part of the “high risk group” but not scared myself.

 I try to take the positive side. There is definitively more family time as we do #stayathome and more things to do together at home. 

My state of mind is positive, as I am myself. It is definitively a new experience.”

Slaven Maligec

We are glad that you and your family are doing well. How your clients have been coping with the situation? What are their main preoccupations?

Regarding the post Covid-19, our clients are a bit worried about the near future to some extend as uncertainty leads to discomfort, but they are adapting to the new environment rapidly as there is no choice, working from home related or also to the new pricing landscape.

 I think that people tend to forget quickly as soon as we are facing a more normalised situation but I think given the impact we will keep that in memory and hopefully be better prepared when the next crisis will occur. There is only one life, birth and death are determinate, the time in between should be fun, at least part of it. 

And for the next changes? We shall be masked soon and stay masked for quite some time… 🙂