BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation committed to promoting social inclusion

June 23, 2017

Since being set up in 2002, the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation has supported projects aimed at fighting against all forms of social exclusion, whether it concerns the elderly, the disabled or teenagers with learning difficulties.

The Foundation, founding partner of innovative social initiatives

 Promoting intergenerational cohabitation

Over the last 15 years, the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation, along with different partners, has initiated numerous projects in favour of social inclusion. Recently, for example, it joined forces with the Pro Senectute association and the University of Geneva to launch the programme “1h / m²: a student under my roof”.

The concept?

To encourage intergenerational cohabitation: in exchange for a room, the beneficiary lends a helping hand to their host. This initiative aims to strengthen mutual assistance between generations and to fight against the social isolation of senior citizens, while facilitating student accommodation in Geneva.

In 2016, 40 “duos” were already created!

Introducing young people to the Comic Strip world

In 2015, the Foundation, along with the Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport of Geneva, also co-founded an award for French-speaking Switzerland comic strips. The “BD Zoom Prize” mobilises Secondary II students from the canton (more than 600 in 2017), and particularly those in the vocational sectors and reception classes. This atypical jury is assigned to read and analyse a selection of albums from French-speaking authors or those edited in French-speaking Switzerland, and to choose a laureate who then receives a prize of CHF 10,000.

The Foundation also encourages the voluntary commitment of the Bank’s employees!

Since 2004, the Foundation has indeed implemented its programme “A Helping Hand” with employees of the Bank in Switzerland. The project aims to encourage initiatives for the general good and assistance of the most destitute, in which Bank employees are personally involved. Since the beginning of the programme, more than 150 solidarity projects involving Bank employees in Switzerland have been supported!

The Swiss Open

Meanwhile, the Foundation’s partnership with the wheelchair tennis tournament of the “Swiss Open Starling Hotel Geneva” has enabled, for several years now, Bank employees and their close relatives to get involved together as volunteers in organising the tournament. Thus, every year, almost forty individuals come together to lend a hand in installing facilities, serving meals and refreshments or picking up balls during the event!

Discover the teaser for the 30 years of the tournament