BNP Paribas strengthen its support to innovation as partner of Open Geneva 2018

April 9, 2018

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is a partner of Open Geneva, which will take place in Geneva from the 9th to 15th April, and will host several innovation workshops on its premises. In Switzerland, in line with the Group’s strategy, BNP Paribas has made innovation and responsibility two of its four strategic cornerstones, with the aim of anticipating changes and turning them into opportunities for all stakeholders while contributing to sustainable and socially responsible growth.

Open Geneva, an innovation festival that’s open, multidisciplinary and cross-functional

Open Geneva is a non-profit organisation that fully integrates the notion of “Sustainable Development Goals”. It organises an innovation festival that’s open, multidisciplinary and cross-functional, which aims to have a public-spirited and humanistic social impact, positive for the community, and to promote new, emerging economic opportunities. Private, public, academic and international institutions, as well as any citizen wishing to develop an open innovation community in Geneva are invited to different places in Geneva, UNIGE, Biotech Campus, CCIG, Impact Hub Geneva, CERN, Geneva Airport… for three days of Hackathons, conferences, open days, workshops And for the Hackshow event on Sunday, everyone gathers together in one place Espace Hippomene, HEAD’s Campus, to present all projects and showcase innovation’s diversity in Geneva.

BNP Paribas opens its incubator, Colibri, to 5 associations

In this context, from 9th April, BNP Paribas will accommodate five associations in its Colibri incubator, to help them host their own innovation workshop by not only allowing them to use the premises, but also by supporting and coaching them in innovative methods such as the Agile method or Design Thinking, with some of the bank’s employees who are involved in Colibri. The Amaris group, with whom BNP Paribas in Switzerland has established a close relationship, will also join this initiative by providing experts in organisation, project management and IT throughout the five days.

    • Légumes Perchés: Légumes Perchés is an association created at the beginning of 2018 with the aim of developing and promoting urban agriculture.
    • Sipy: Sipy is an association that organises clothes bartering events in an innovative manner. Each person donating clothes at one of the organisation’s events receives a Sipy card, which in turn can be used in exchange for clothes at the same event, or at a later date. One item of clothing donated equals one point on the card… and it’s free!
    • Le pain de Demain c’est le pain d’Hier : the aim is to open, in the centre of Geneva, an outlet that would resell, at a very reasonable price, unsold wares (bread, sandwiches, cakes) from the surrounding bakeries that no longer meet the required freshness standards but that are nevertheless considered to be fit for consumption.
    • Saveurs migrantes: a foodtruck aimed at integrating immigrants who will ensure the preparing of meals and selling to the public.
    • Etudiants pour le Développement Durable (EDD) from the University of Geneva: EDD is an association for sustainable development whose activities concerning the university are extremely varied and aim to heighten awareness and encourage students with regard to practices that are environmentally friendly. The organisation has set-up projects such as Sustainable Development Week or “Panier à l’Uni” [Uni Baskets] that involves delivering organic and local produce to the university.

Pitch sessions on the BNP Paribas stand

Do you have an idea for themes such as “Services 4.0” (rethink sustainable tertiary services within the innovative and digital context), “My company in town, what societal and sustainable impact” or “My actions in sustainable change”? Come and make your pitch on the BNP Paribas stand on Sunday, 15th April. 5-minute sessions are organised from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm with the bank’s innovation experts and coaches.

“Being the bank for a changing world, means always striving to better assist our customers, partners and teams while contributing to a more sustainable and better shared growth. Which also means for us here in Geneva, getting involved in our local ecosystem by contributing to the improvement of the urban, social and cultural environment. Actively participating in Open Geneva is embodying, in real terms, this committed company strategy.” commented Isabelle Jacob-Nebout, Head of Innovation & Development for BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA.