The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation is committed

Since 2002, we’ve had an ongoing commitment with local organisations and support them as genuine partners. Our ambition is to encourage dialogue between the banking world and its cultural, social and environmental milieu.

Going beyond financial support

At the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation, it’s important for us to:

  • Preserve and raise awareness of the wealth of Helvetian museums,
  • Encourage young creators and performers,
  • Support projects in favour of education and social inclusion,
  • Back research and the fight against climate change.


To open minds and encourage

Culture is a source of personal and collective development, a core element of social connection and local identity.

The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation invests in it through cultural and digital intervention, as well as via the appreciation of young emerging artists.

This initiative is a part of our desire to promote access to culture for all, rooted in the social challenges of today and attentive to the talents of tomorrow.


To integrate and educate

The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation fights against all forms of social exclusion that affect the elderly, disabled people, or young people with schooling difficulties, as well as migrant populations.

We also intervene in favour of education in Switzerland and we support charitable causes borne by bank employees.

Fin whale surfacing, 2014 © Richard Youd - Australian Antarctic Division


To support and understand

The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation is committed to research on climate change. Its commitment is demonstrated through a desire to understand and share the major issues involved in global warming.

We also support and encourage the new generation of researchers who are invested in favour of a greater understanding of these issues.

The Foundation committee

The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation positions itself as a vehicle for the values of the BNP Paribas Group. Around these core values, we strengthen the sense of belonging while opening up the bank and its employees to new horizons. Its committee is composed as follows :

The art collection

Initiated in the 60s then enhanced in the 80s, the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation’s Collection of works of art is articulated around three main artistic lines :

  • modern European art (Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Arman, etc.)
  • American Abstract art (Frank Stella, Robert Motherwell, Friedel Dzubas, etc.)
  • works from major Swiss artists (Max Bill, Le Corbusier, Louis Soutter, etc.)


The Collection is mainly presented in the entrance halls and reception rooms of the BNP Paribas in Switzerland clientele.

Its diversity and its quality reflect the Bank’s identity in relation to its employees, its customers and its visitors. As part of its desire to invigorate and extend the Collection, the Foundation today favours the acquisition of works from young contemporary artists, Helvetian or with links to Switzerland.

This support of young artistic creativity is in perfect alignment with the philanthropic values defended by the Foundation. It’s manifested notably by a fruitful partnership with the Haute Ecole of Art and Design in Geneva (HEAD) since 2012 through the New Heads Award – BNP Paribas Foundation. Furthermore, each of the laureates donates a work to the Foundation’s Collection.

The Foundation’s interest in art and the cultural sector is also expressed via the partnerships that it establishes with institutional actors, and in particular with Swiss museums. The lending of works is, for example, granted for exhibitions, which puts a spotlight on the Collection outside the walls of the Bank. The Foundation is also a member of the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA), which allows it to exchange and to achieve recognition with other important corporate collections, in such a way as to affirm its active presence in the cultural sphere.