BNP Paribas in Switzerland

CoVid-19: Message from Monique Vialatou to clients and employees of BNP Paribas in Switzerland

24 March 2020

Dear all,

The unprecedented sanitary crisis we are currently experiencing has led many countries, including Switzerland, to impose restrictive measures that have a strong impact on everyday life. It is a shock for the worldwide economy and populations.

Our responsibility is to contribute to the economy’s smooth operation, thanks to the implementation of exceptional measures throughout our different buildings in Switzerland.

Ensuring the continuity of our economic activities and preserving the health and security of our employees

The health of our employees is our number one priority.

Thanks to the implementation of teleworking for the vast majority of our employees, we safely ensure the continuity of BNP Paribas in Switzerland’s economic activities.

Our teams are mobilised and committed to answer our client’s questions and to support them during this difficult period. They pursue their mission tirelessly while showing extraordinary discipline and dedication. Through this message, I want to thank them for that.

Accompanying our client through this sanitary crisis

I am aware that this unprecedented situation is a challenge for our clients, whether they are companies, institutions or private individuals. Appropriate measures are taken to accompany them daily and support them through this hitherto unseen crisis.

We all have a role to play. Each of us has a specific responsibility, both professional and personal. I know we will honour our commitment to serve our clients and more than ever to keep playing our part in service to the economy.

Take care of you and your family, more than ever.

Monique Vialatou
CEO of BNP Paribas in Switzerland