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September 6, 2023
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We are looking for a KYC Tax Specialist, that will be able to reinforce his/her expertise by working in the KYC Client Life Cycle team .The job position is more specifically focused on AEOI/FATCA/QI regulations BAU tasks, with following responsibilities:
– Business SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for Front Office, Business Management and Compliance teams,
– Monitoring of mandatory regulatory AEOI/FATCA/QI action plans: documentation renewal, reclassification of undocumented clients, RM recertification campaign of High value individual accounts, coordination of “reporting back” issuance in order to make available to all reportable clients their reporting information.
– Participation in the AEOI Committee for the Business (weekly), follow-up of implementation by the Front Office of the Committee decisions,
– Weekly BAU control on changes in circumstances (CIC) and monitoring of detected pending issues, coordination with Front and Business Management Teams,
– Business representative for IT issues: Participation to the weekly monitoring committee (CIC, Aggregation, Reporting Flag), completion of UATs on new deliveries,
– Validation of the client reporting scopes for the WM Business Line (yearly): AEOI reportable clients, “Notification letter” mailing (information on their rights of first-time reportable clients), “de minimis” entities clients,
– Preparation and manual sending of the Notification letters required during the year,
– Missing TIN (Tax Identification Number): yearly control, scope definition, coordination of yearly mailing (Individual/Legal entity). 
After a training period and once these tasks resumed, the candidate will also be able to work on other missions performed by the KYC Office, meaning KYC processes and Front Office training.

This broad functional position corresponds to a highly polyvalent profile combining rigour of analysis and the ability to communicate and mobilise multiple stakeholders. On the other hand, this constantly evolving position has to deal with new subjects almost daily and therefore requires a profile with a strong capacity to adapt to change.

Necessary professional skills and know-how:
– Excellent general knowledge of the Bank, its activities and products
– Good legal knowledge (especially AEOI/FATCA/QI regulations)
– Knowledge of operations and their processing circuit
– Good knowledge of information systems (including Olympic, Euclid, Pearl, DMS)
– Word, Power Point, Excel

– The team KYC Client Life Cycle consists of 8 FTEs, mostly legal profiles. KYC Client Life Cycle is in charge of onboarding files and PEP recertification files controls and validation, KYC change of circonstance analyse. This team is based in Geneva, within the KYC Office.
– The KYC Office, linked to the Operation Department, is in charge of the following responsibilities for WM Switzerland: client documentation management, Onboarding processes : documentation control, KYC analyze et risk assessment, decision committee organization and data codification, Recertification and closure processes: documentation control, KYC analyze et risk assessment, decision committee organization and data codification, AML Level 1: transactional monitoring level 1.


Business skills: 
– Risk Monitoring (Proficient) 
– Banking Law (Proficient) 
– Legal Knowledge (Proficient) 
– Regulatory Banking Organisation (Proficient) 
– Financial Security (Proficient) 
– Risk Knowledge & Awareness (Proficient) 
– Know Your Client – KYC (Proficient) 
– Tax Law (Proficient) 

Transversal skills: 
– Ability to work with Agile Practices (Proficient) 
– Ability to develop and adapt a process  (Proficient) 
– Ability to manage/facilitate a meeting, seminar, committee, training… (Proficient) 
– Ability to manage a project (Proficient) 
– Ability to understand, explain and support change (Proficient) 

Behavioural skills: 
– Ability to Synthetise/Simplify (Proficient) 
– Decision Making (Proficient) 
– Ability to Deliver/Results Driven (Proficient) 
– Attention to Detail/Rigour (Proficient) 

– English (Fluent) 
– French (Fluent) 

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NB: all terminologies apply in both the feminine and the masculine.