Innovation, part of our DNA

To be the bank for a changing world, also means innovating on a daily basis to find the most suitable solutions for our customers and our employees.
As such, it’s important to us to promote working methods that are increasingly collaborative and agile.

Allowing our business customers to benefit from our innovative ecosystem

Through the WAI Boost programme, BNP Paribas in Switzerland provides support to our business customers in the search for innovative solutions.

In that respect, we put our customers in contact with select start-ups that meet with their requirements.

For our pilot programme, we put Dufry AG in contact with two start-ups that met its needs: Mishipay and Gowento.

Promoting open innovation

Innovative research is not limited to just listening to our customers’ needs. It’s important to be able to propose innovative solutions to our employees.

Open innovation is a method of innovation based on collaboration, sharing and agile software development. Colibri, our in-house incubator, offers a frame for open innovation for our employees that wish to develop solutions that meet with the bank’s in-house needs.

Supporting employees in their new working environment

In order to best meet our customers’ needs and to stimulate the agility and innovation of our employees, we have provided them with a new, more flexible environment that is better suited to our working methods.

Through the Home & Flex Office programme, our employees can adopt collaborative or individual working methods depending on their needs and their tasks.