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What we offer

Processing of means of payment

All available payment and collection methods – with a ‘collection’ service offering to cover all client remittance requirements (cash, checks, bank cards, direct débits.

Cash optimization solutions with different service levels

  • Consolidation of a company’s account balances (maintained in our books) on a central account
  • Integration into a centralized master-account held by our EMEA partners
  • Multibank integration and administration of accounts held with third-party banks, via SwiftMT101 messaging, with BNP Paribas as ‘overlay’ bank.

State-of-the art e-banking solutions

  • Centric – our innovative and App-Portal – is the main gateway into BNP Paribas’ entire Applications universe.
  • Connexis – A web-based E-banking solution (a Multi-bank, -currency and -language application) as global unified Portal. Accessible via Centric.
  • Electronic transfer solutions through local or international protocols and formats:
    • SwiftNet (FIN and FileAct),
    • local host to host, (Connexis Gateway)
    • Global EBICS.

Optimization of the collection process

Virtual Accounts provide a reliable technical response to the two main challenges: Automatic identification of the payer and identification of the final beneficiary for direct allocation of funds. This solution offers corporates a more efficient reconciliation process through customization of the number of virtual accounts.

Optimization of the purchasing process – card issuing

  • Rationalize management of business and travel expenses (Corporate Card/Maestro Card)
  • Procurement card with VISA network (Multi-currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF) with 2 possible uses: Physical and/or virtual card

Customer support

An engineering and implementation team designs and implements complex solutions for the client. A premium Cash Customer Service (CCS) ensures a personalized and proactive monitoring of national and international operations – established to serve our key clients from one centralized point of contact for all their existing BNP Paribas network relationships.

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