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Internship opportunities at BNP Paribas

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Welcome to BNP Paribas!


Here are the different types of internships that we offer


Graduates Program

Objective of the internship: The objective of rotating internships is to train the talents of tomorrow in a specific business line. You may, depending on your profile, interest and motivation, benefit from a rotation through the various jobs available within a business line or an activity. This in-the-field experience will bring you rapidly up to operational effectiveness. The programme offers both an overview of one arm of the business and the ability to acquire the technical skills required for the various roles. These “customised” internships are genuinely personalised training programmes, tailored to each of the talented individuals that BNP Paribas Switzerland is looking for.

Duration: 18 to 24 months, in accordance with the plan agreed on at the start of the internship.


Long Term Internship

Objective of the internship: A long term internship provides experience of one business line at BNP Paribas, supervised by an operational manager who guides you step-by-step throughout the course of your internship. These internships are available in the majority of our activities. It is primarily intended for university graduates who are looking to acquire hands-on work experience. This experience, which may fulfil the work experience component of some students’ Masters’ degrees, will give you access to complex roles that fully contribute to the activity of the Bank in Switzerland. Working side by side with the experts, you will acquire a methodology that will contribute significantly to your training and education. Lastly, an internship with a leading player in its field both in Switzerland and abroad will provide you with an excellent job reference as you build your professional CV.

Duration: Minimum 6 months.


International Internship (VIE)

Objective: BNP Paribas is one of the leading employers of International Business Interns (VIE). Since the creation of the VIE contract in 2001, more than 2,000 VIE interns have joined BNP Paribas’ teams abroad. This programme provides the opportunity to acquire professional work experience in Switzerland for 18 months. Objective: to explore the diverse range of roles available in the bank’s financing and market activities, as well as those in the Group’s cross-departmental business lines (risk, marketing, management control, IT and more…). The importance accorded by the bank to international work experience and to including recent graduates in its teams will make your VIE experience a springboard for your career. At the conclusion of their internships, many VIE interns join the Group as permanent employees, often as international staff.

Duration: 18 months maximum (12 months, with a possible 6-month extension).


Maturité professionnelle commerciale

Objective of the internship: BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is committed to enabling young people to receive training and improve their access to employment. As a form of practical preparation for entering a profession, this type of internship is intended for graduates of Swiss business schools. It allows participating interns to obtain their commercial vocational diploma and qualifies them to apply to the HES (Institutes of Advanced Studies).

Duration: 52 weeks.