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To promote education and social inclusion

Since its creation, the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation supports projects that aim to address all forms of social exclusion and encourages bank employees to get involved in the community by actively supporting solidarity initiatives in which their taking part outside their professional lives.


A “Coup de Pouce” for employees

coup_de_pouceThe Foundation’s “Coup de Pouce” programme aims to encourage initiatives of general interest and support for the most destitute, in which Bank employees are personally engaged, outside of their professional lives. Since 2004, bank employees in Switzerland have been involved in more than 150 solidarity projects backed by the Foundation.


 “1h per m²: a student under my roof”

Launched in 2016, in partnership with the association Pro Senectute and the University oflogo-1h1m2-253x300 Geneva, this new initiative is aimed at strengthening inter-generational bondage and tackling social isolation of senior citizens, while facilitating student accommodation in Geneva. The project “1h per m²: a student under my roof” provides the exchange of a room for a few hours of help and assistance through inter-generational cohabitation.


The BD Zoom award

In order to encourage the discovery and reading of comic books in the schoollogo_vert_positif-couleur-300x297 environment, while raising awareness of the contemporary wealth of this art form in French-speaking Switzerland, the Foundation joined, in 2016, with the Department of Public Instruction, Culture & Sport of Geneva to create this BD (comic book) award. The BD Zoom award enables pupils from Secondary II level, and in particular those from the professional training sector and welcoming classes, to elect and offer a prize of CHF 10,000 to a laureate, from a selection of comic books by French-speaking Swiss authors, or edited in French-speaking Switzerland.


Swiss Open, the wheelchair tennis tournament

swiss-open-fauteuil-roulantSince 2014, the Foundation supports the “Swiss Open Starling Hotel Geneva”, one of the best reputed wheelchair tennis competitions in the world. During the tournament, some of the world’s best players and amateurs alike meet, while more than 100 volunteers are involved throughout the tournament. Every year several dozen bank employees volunteer to help in the organisation and running of the event.