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The BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation’s Art Collection

The Art Collection was created in the 1960s and enhanced in the 1980s by a significant acquisition phase that continues today.

The Collection is articulated around three main artistic movements that are: Modern European Art (Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Arman, etc.); Abstract American Art (Frank Stella, Robert Motherwell, Friedel Dzubas, etc.) and works from major Swiss artists (Max Bill, Le Corbusier, Louis Soutter, etc.).

Works from the Collection are presented mostly in the entrance halls and client’s reception lounges of BNP Paribas sites in Switzerland. The Collection is the reflection of the bank’s identity, not only for its employees, but also for its clients and visitors, thanks to the quality and diversity of the works that compose it.

A dialogue with the Swiss cultural scene

The Foundation’s interest in art and the cultural sector is equally demonstrated through the partnerships built with institutional actors, particularly with major Swiss museums. Some of the Collection’s art works are granted on loan, for example for exhibitions. This way, appreciation and knowledge of the Collection is spread beyond the confines of the bank alone.

In a desire to invigorate and expand the Collection, the Foundation has also chosen to favour the acquisition of works from contemporary Swiss artists. Indeed, this support of young artistic creation is perfectly in line with the philanthropic values endorsed by the Foundation since its creation.