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CSR in Switzerland

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is a founding member of the Endowment fund «Urgence et Développement», an instrument of mobilization and solidarity open to all employees and led by the BNP Paribas Group. The fund has been designed to react quickly and respond effectively and efficiently to humanitarian emergencies (climatic or natural disaster, armed conflicts, etc.). Employee donations to the fund are matched two-fold by the bank.

Through MicroFinance Sans Frontières (MFSF), a structure managed by employees, the bank offers to all staff members the opportunity to volunteer their skills to Microfinance Institutions, international NGOs and players of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

BNP Paribas in Switzerland is also concerned about the active and responsible management of human resources and about professional integration issues. Thus, it collaborates from time to time with the foundation Intégration Pour Tous and with the Etablissements publics pour l’intégration (EPI).

The first step in meeting our environmental responsibilities is the identification of all the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities. Aware of the energy consumption of its buildings, BNP Paribas Switzerland has installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of its main building in Geneva. Furthermore, a selective waste sorting system has been put in place in the 18 bank’s cafeterias in Geneva. Finally, the shuttle bus service connecting the BNP Paribas buildings in Geneva now runs on natural gas.

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BNP Paribas, a responsible economic player

For the Group, being a responsible bank means living up to its economic responsibilities and working to finance projects for its clients.

In addition, BNP Paribas recognises that it has responsibilities in three other areas:

Social responsibility
This means treating the Group’s more than 198,011 employees in a fair and loyal manner and engaging in serious and meaningful dialogue with staff union representatives.

Civic responsibility
This means helping to combat social exclusion and promoting education and culture. The Group has a strong stake in society, through initiatives and projects which take its banking role one step further for the good of society: special assistance for underprivileged neighbourhoods and marginalised areas, microcredit, support for charitable organisations and social economy enterprises. Our civic engagement is also manifested in the corporate philanthropy work done by the BNP Paribas Foundation, whose charity initiatives include educational, cultural and public health projects.

Environmental responsibility
BNP Paribas pays particular attention to the environmental impact resulting from its banking activities all over the world. The Group has drawn up and implemented detailed policies relating both to its day-to-day functioning and to sensitive fields of industry, and supports environmental initiatives through the BNP Paribas Foundation.