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Our initiative: “Positive Impact Business”


Positive Impact Business at BNP Paribas, what does this entail?

Positive Impact Business aims to carry out business by integrating the global and sustainable impact of the activity on the different stakeholders as well as on the environment.

The bank working together for a positive impact

Within the context of this initiative as a responsible business, BNP Paribas commits to having a Positive Impact Business approach. The bank, through its actions as a business, would therefore like to contribute to a better future for our society and our environment.

Having been committed for a while now in initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we’ve decided to better coordinate these actions through a transversal programme of Business Commitment. The purpose of this programme is an in-depth transformation of the bank’s actions in Switzerland, which stems from the business-lines and functions that make up our organisation.

Each of the bank’s business-lines and functions is instrumental in this initiative of building our positive impact.


Our economic responsibility

Providing long-term support to our customers and partners for a positive economy

BNP Paribas in Switzerland, along with the rest of the Group, sets an objective of financing the real economy in an ethical and responsible manner. To this end, we offer funding and investments with a positive impact to advise and support our customers in their contribution to sustainable and fair development.


Supervising environmental, social and governing risks

We have, in addition, put in place rigorous processes for managing environmental, social and governing risks. The most sensitive sectors are especially well supervised thanks to nine sectoral public policies drawn up in consultation with independent experts.


Our social responsibility

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Our greatest resource is our employees. Diversity, equality and inclusion are the star commitments of the Group, which are reflected in our values. BNP Paribas in Switzerland pays special attention, among other things, to the parity man-woman in terms of promotions. This dynamic attentiveness has allowed the proportion of female executives and members of Senior Management to be reinforced over the last few years, to reach levels that position us in the lead concerning this issue.

27% of members of Senior Management were women in 2017.


Encouraging the balance between professional and personal life and development

As a responsible employer, BNP Paribas is active in the development of its employees thanks to a professional path that’s dynamic, personalised and integrated.

We value new working methods which combine agility and innovation. As such, employees benefit from a positive professional environment, which protects their health and the balance between their professional and personal life.


Our civic responsibility


Working towards cultural inclusion and education

BNP Paribas is a player engaged in society. As a banker, an employer or a sponsor, we multiply the levers and initiatives in favour fighting against social exclusion and promoting Human Rights, education or culture.


Our employees are committed

In Switzerland, the bank specifically encourages its employees to become voluntarily involved in associations and other local or international organisations. In 2017, the bank therefore offered 980 hours to employees for voluntary assignments such as:

  • Helping with the integration of migrants,
  • Contributing to developing entrepreneurship with young people,
  • Supporting the wheelchair tennis tournament, the Swiss Open,



Our environmental responsibility

Carbon neutrality, a global and local challenge

For the BNP Paribas Group, becoming proactively involved in the transition to a low carbon economy, compatible with global warming inferior to 2°C, is a priority.

The bank has made carbon neutrality one of its flagship actions. It’s a strong and effective commitment that was achieved in 2017 throughout its operational perimeter thanks to the decrease in direct emissions of CO², the use of low carbon electricity and partnerships to compensate for irreducible emissions.

With ambitious environmental objectives, BNP Paribas in Switzerland has already reduced its CO² emissions by more than 32% in relation to 2013.


Our strong commitment towards the energy transition

The energy transition is a key element in response to the challenges of the COP21. That’s why we decided to get involved alongside the  Solar Impulse Foundation in 2017.

Within the context of this partnership, we’re providing support to Bertrand Piccard and his teams in the search for 1,000 solutions for a sustainable world. 65 of our employees support the Foundation and provide them with their expertise in terms of risk management.

Supporting businesses for a positive and sustainable impact

As an advocate of the real economy, we are also active in directing flows of funding and investments towards activities that encourage the energy transition.

Hence, the bank has decided to progressively disengage from polluting industries and to support businesses in the implementation of better environmental practices. In Switzerland, this is demonstrated for example by the issuing of Green Bonds, as was the case with the company Helvetia Environnement in 2017.

BNP Paribas, a responsible economic player

For the Group, being a responsible bank means living up to its economic responsibilities and working to finance projects for its clients.

In addition, BNP Paribas recognises that it has responsibilities in three other areas:

Social responsibility
This means treating the Group’s more than 202 employees in a fair and loyal manner and engaging in serious and meaningful dialogue with staff union representatives.

Civic responsibility
This means helping to combat social exclusion and promoting education and culture. The Group has a strong stake in society, through initiatives and projects which take its banking role one step further for the good of society: special assistance for underprivileged neighbourhoods and marginalised areas, microcredit, support for charitable organisations and social economy enterprises. Our civic engagement is also manifested in the corporate philanthropy work done by the BNP Paribas Foundation, whose charity initiatives include educational, cultural and public health projects.

Environmental responsibility
BNP Paribas pays particular attention to the environmental impact resulting from its banking activities all over the world. The Group has drawn up and implemented detailed policies relating both to its day-to-day functioning and to sensitive fields of industry, and supports environmental initiatives through the BNP Paribas Foundation.